Monday, January 26, 2015

Making Fog -- and Other Connections

While other theories of autism explain it as a disability, the Intense World Theory of autism explains it as an intensification of the neurological processing. This approach also explains how it is that many people with autism have strong abilities as well.

Daniel’s strength certainly lies in his ability o make strong causal connection. Just this morning, as I was taking Daniel and Dylan to the babysitter’s, Daniel noticed his breath in the cold air.

“I’m making fog.”

I told him that he was right. I also told him that fog was water in the air and that fog and clouds were the same thing.

“And when clouds come together, they make rain?” And he brought his hands together and intertwined his fingers.

He was, of course, right. When clouds become dense enough, rain drops form and fall. These are the kinds of observations Daniel makes all the time. He is able to make that leap of logic that most 5 year olds – heck, far too many adults, let alone children – cannot make. 

Not long ago,  Daniel also asked me, "What is air?" I told him that it's what we breathe. He then asked me, "How do lungs work?" And he asked if the lungs looked like the heart. I want you to think about the implications of that connection he made. 

I wish I could remember them all.

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