Sunday, November 2, 2014

Troy's Introduction

We decided to create this blog because we think we provide a unique perspective on the topic of autism.

For example, I am the father of an autistic son, Daniel. But I discovered, because of the research I did on autism after learning Daniel was autistic, that I have Asperger's. Indeed, I score 33-35 on the Autism Spectrum Quotient test (over 33-50 is autism; 26-32 is Asperger's). I spoke early and read early, and a lack of language delay has typically been considered Asperger's rather than autism. But recently the DSM has defined it all as autism.

My wife is, of course, not just a mother of an autistic son, but the wife of an autistic husband. As my co-blogger, I will leave her perspective to her.

We also have two other children. Melina, our daughter, is the oldest, and our son Dylan is the youngest. Dylan has a speech delay, but does not seem to have any other autistic traits. Melina seems to have some traits of having ADD.

Many people with autism are also diagnosed with ADD, but the two may not be entirely separable that way. At least, among those whose autism is, as I believe Daniel and my autism are, due to the features described by the Intense World theory of autism. Indeed, that is why we chose to call our blog "An Intense World." Daniel and I live in a very intense world. If you follow us, you will get to know more about that world.

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